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Luxury / 2 Storey Homes Perth

When selecting a Builder to create a Luxury Home, the level of expectation is raised to meet the budget. All our nominated builders satisfy the most stringent of measures, however when it comes to a luxury landmark home in a prominent location, we will be asking extra from the builders.

Things like;

  • proven history of award winning or landmark homes
  • client recommendations
  • uncompromising flexibility to make changes should the client choose
  • custom service that aligns with the budget
  • established and skilled trade base to meet the high level of specification required on such homes
  • Satisfactory builder commitments, so the builder can allocate the necessary time required to spend on such demanding homes.
  • The passion and desire to make the project a success it deserves.


With houses of this caliber, prices can vary astonishingly from builder to builder, so its important that your specification and level of build is identical when submitting plans to be tendered on. By utilizing our tender process, we will high light these price variations and negotiate on your behalf with the builders you wish to use.